Jan 9, 2009: Permaculture & Community Meeting 1 pm Friday Jan 9, 2009

Permaculture and Community Meeting 

1 p.m. Friday, January 9, 2009 


Clifton Community Center,

2117 Payne St.,  

Louisville, KY, USA 40206


This will be a short introduction to Permaculture with Peter Bane and Ann Kreilkamp of the Association for Regenerative Culture, who are visiting here to explore community support for  permaculture training and collaboration in the Louisville area. 

If you'd like to learn more about this world class ecological community training program, or if you would be interested in being a student in the ecological design of gardens, homes and communities, please attend!  If you or your community agency, organization or business are interested in participating as students or sponsors in the eventual development of the Louisville Permaculture Guild, please encourage them to attend as well. 

This meeting follows from an initial organizing meeting Jan 4 which convened some 20 local people to meet with Ann and Peter to discuss organizing support for permaculture training here. This includes finding 20-50 prospective students who can either pay for the course or find sponsorships or provide non-financial services in exchange.  

Organizations are invited to participate and benefit not only by sending students and joining the sponsoring consortia as it develops, but by exploring participating in a site in upcoming courses.   For example, if you or your garden, organization or community center would like to host or be one of the ecological design sites for the ten day / 5 weekend course this spring, you should attend this Jan 9 meeting to learn more. Similarly, permaculture certification can provide benefit through training in valuable green job skills and business opportunities for individuals and organizations.

For Louisville area students who have participated in the Ecovillage Design Education through Adena Center courses and practicums held at Webster University or Clifton or elsewhere globally, it is possible that there will be some credit reciprocity for Permaculture , Gaia and Sustainable Settlements design certification.

It is our hope that the ARC will serve as the educational umbrella for Louisville area trainings as we develop open and transparent democratically accountable sustainable neighborhood associations and work towards permaculture collaboratives and guilds here.

To learn more:

Permaculture Activist: www.permacultureactivist.net

Louisville Permaculture Listserv: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/louisvillepermaculture/

Open Louisville Living and Learning for Sustainability: http://groups.google.com/group/sustainabilityeducation

Sustainable Neighborhoods: 


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