Jan 8, 2009: Old Louisville Sustainable Neighborhood Organizing Potluck

Old Louisville Sustainable Neighborhood Organizing Potluck
7 PM Thursday
January 8, 2009
1370 S Third St., (rear entrance) Louisville, KY, USA 40208

Gathering to meet folks interested in organizing sustainable neighborhoods associations in Louisville, particularly in the Old Louisville area.

For more information call 502 608 3951 /  or email sustainableneighbor@gmail.com

Here is the Agenda for the next Old Louisville Neighborhood Potluck - Feel free to use this and other materials from this website ( www.sustainableneighborhoods.blogspot.com ) and resource list in building your own sustainable neighborhood or ecovillage group.

Agenda For Old Louisville Sustainable Neighborhood Organizing Meeting
Thursday, January 8, 2008

Neighborhood Sustainability With Process in Mind



Name, Neighborhood - Sustainable Idea or Project
Ecovillages and Sustainable Neighborhoods - Quick Overview

What is a Sustainable Old Louisville Neighborhood Network?
Media Presentation Draft by Christine Chisenhall 

Action Items:

1) Organizing the Louisville Permaculture Guilds: Old Louisville Permaculture Training Opportunity 
2) Study Group First Chapter: Ecovillage Design Education ( http://gaiaeducation.org ) action / learning project for the neighborhood
3) Old Louisville Economic Alternatives:  Membership committee for Falls alternative currency, cooperatives, and other neighborhood sustainable economics projects
4) Report back on Living Machines working group ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Living_machines ). Draft building schedule for demo units in neighborhoods throughout the region.
5) Community communications projects beyond Power Point: web and other media outreach for the January meeting.
6) Louisville Green Maps
6) Green Institute neighborhood training startup schedule 
7) Green Convene networking and Sustainable Louisville community organizing.

Neighborhood Democracy
Living Machines
Placed Based Sustainable Neighborhoods Groups
Green Mapping
Urban Gardens and Urban Ecology
Neighborhood Ecology Tours
Cooperatives and other forms of organizations
Demonstration sites

Have an idea to suggest ?
Post it on the Comments section below.

Where do we go from here?
People and Places - Including our neighbors
Sister Neighborhoods
Building the Green Institute and other support systems

The long now

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Mark Herpel said...

Local Currency for Louisville
I live in Louisville, Kentucky. We have a number of independent businesses here, but a few of them are in the act of closing, and it may be a result of the recent economic downturn. Stephen George, editor of our local alternative newsweekly the Louisville Eccentric Observer clearly believes this is the case.

I have responded to George's column (and contacted the Louisville Independent Business Association) with the following proposal:

I propose that Louisville create a local currency.