Jan 12, 2009: Ever Green -Clifton/Crescent Hill/Clifton Heights Sustainable Neighborhood Organizing Meeting - Neighborhood Organizing Meeting -

Ever Green Sustainable Neighborhood Organizing Meeting - 
Clifton/Crescent Hill/Clifton Heights Neighborhoods network

Monday January 12th @7pm


2132 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206
Located on Frankfort Avenue right behind the Bike Couriers Bike Shop. Where the railroad tracks cross Frankfort. We face the Clifton Center
(502) 690-4224

RSVP: earthenirvana AT gmail.com
More info: http://www.earthenirvana.com/menu.htmlLink
Here are informal notes from the last meeting: The November Ever Green meeting was a great success, filling the conference room at Earthenirvana to overflowing with neighborhood activists who share a common commitment to sustainability in these neighborhoods that cover the major watersheds above the Butchertown confluence of Beargrass Creek.

Neighbors at the meeting committed to establishing sidewalk recycling bins on Frankfort Ave., and to exploring the use ofgreen maps as tools for everyone in the neighborhood to participate in neighborhood planning and action for sustainability. Matt Martin of Earthenirvana committed to placing the first few bins, Pat Brinson will be following up with contacting Metro Council, and David Silverman will be working on sustainable community maps for the next meeting.

Many other ideas were discussed, from the need for open and inclusive self organizing rather than more traditional forms as a model for Ever Green, to actions neighbors can undertake now, such as orcharding, edible landscaping, shared composting, co-op housing beekeeper training, solar retrofit, energy efficiency improvements and so on, to those activites which will require political commitment and longer term planning, such as light rail and more. Another action emerging from the meeting is to followup on the Community Ecology model for total recycling developed this winter, with members of FABA (Frankfort Av. Business Association) and SBCN (Sustainable Business and Community Networks) taking the lead.

Neighbors will continue to meet and take steps towards sustainability, to be further developed into action items in coming weeks.

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